Panoorin: Matapos Ang Siyam Na Taong Relasyon Naghiwalay Ang Magkasintahang Ito Noong New Year's Eve! Alamin ANg Kanilang Nakakaiyak Na Mensahe

A couple that has lasted Nine Years has decided to break up and have their new life in the year 2018. It’s really hard for someone to accept and move on about this 9 years of relationship. Imagine all of the adventures and experiences you had together will finally end and it might never return again. Angel Lobido, the girlfriend, posted a facebook post thanking his childhood sweetheart for being a big part of her life. She thanked for the sacrifices he made for them, and also added that she is the reason why this is happening to them. She also told the Brian Estores to move on. Brian replied with another facebook post and he’s also grateful to have her and he asked that this shouldn’t be happening and they could have stayed together.source:youtube




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